Cory's Grilled Cheese

1739 Maybank Highway, Charleston, South Carolina 29412, Charleston County



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My name is Cory and I make grilled cheese sandwiches. For some people grilled cheese is the ultimate comfort food, a simple reminder of how good things used to taste, a symbol for the lost innocence of childhood. Everybody I know has a favorite way to prepare a grilled cheese, I know I do. Mine is made with muenster cheese that oozes out from between two pieces of cinnamon raisin swirl bread with crispy bacon and honey mustard. It might sound strange, but I’d be willing to bet people like sandwiches that are much stranger or much better than mine, but that is the beauty of Cory’s Grilled Cheese — I make grilled cheese sandwiches with the stuff you like in them. That’s how I know you’ll like them. So while I might not look like your grandmother, I can still make one heck of a grilled cheese sandwich. And who doesn’t like a good grilled cheese?

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1739 Maybank Highway, Charleston, South Carolina 29412, Charleston County

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