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Dr. Brad Gorski

Dr. Brad Gorski

Dr. Brad Gorski has a passion to help people achieve Turned On Living. Dr. Gorski has bee na physician for many professional athletes. In 2009, he began working with the Wellness Advisory Council, United States Wrestling and Judo teams to increase their performance.

Dr. Gorski specializes in world-class, one-on-one coaching designed to turn off your limitations by turning health confusion into total cellular customization. Discovering what fits your individual health needs from the vast amount of information out there is what separates his approach from others. Dr. Gorski and his wife, and business partner, Lauren traveled to the 2012 Olympic Games in London, England, where he was able to help USA Women's Judo bring home their first ever Olympic Gold Medal.

He has worked as a a radio host for the past 8 years, and he's also a highly sought-after speaker in communities, churches, and businesses. Dr. Gorski has been featured on ABC, Fox, and CBS.

Dr. Gorski's passion and commitment allow him to set lofty goals for his clients to achieve. Dr. Gorski works with and coaches a select number of clients virtually (via phone and Skype) around the United States. Dr. Gorski also serves as the head doctor at Elite Family Chiropractic in Charleston, SC.

Dr. Gorski completed his undergraduate studies at Grand Valley State University in Grand Rapids, MI with a biomedical science degree. He received his Doctorate from Palmer College in Davenport, IA.

For more information about Dr. Gorski and his practice, please visit

Tuesday, 09 January 2018 11:30

Holiday Health Hacks

The recently passed holidays are generally filled with religious observances, celebrations, traditions, family, good friends, shopping, and gift-giving and -receiving. With the people we love most, we make memories that can carry us through the difficulties in life. We put deposits in our personal emotional bank so that we can withdraw them when life gets tough. Unfortunately, we also put more deposits of excessive food and drink into our bodies.

These deposits may not be particularly good ones or ones that look particularly good on us ... we need to start making withdrawals by looking at adjusting our choices and lifestyle. We said to ourselves: "Well, it's the holidays -- I'll get back on track afterwards." No flaw in that concept, right? Ha!

The phrase "you are what you eat" begins to flash before your eyes. You are not seeing the proverbial "visions of sugarplums" dancing in your head that you heard about as a child. The more you overeat and drink, the more you feel your body letting you know it is on overload. Too much sugar coupled with less sleep, more stress, and the opportunity to overdo things can be very bad.

Here are some simple and effective Holiday Health Hacks with big benefits!

Tuesday, 21 November 2017 09:08

Low Carb Living

Let's face it. We all want to be the best we can be. But do you really know what you need to do to make your body run properly? To make it function as God intended? To make yourself look and feel younger? To feel good and to have great energy so you can focus on living the life you dreamed? Well, what you need in your life is balance. 

A small word with big meaning that permeates almost every aspect of our lives. Most of us try to find this balance, especially when it comes to food and drink...

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