West Ashley

Magnolia Plantation West Ashley South CarolinaMagnolia Plantation and Gardens

Since its opening to the public in 1870, millions of visitors from all over the world have been able to enjoy everything that Magnolia has to offer. Thousands of exquisite flowers and plants make up the extensive gardens, and these gardens have been named the oldest public gardens in America. Some sections of the gardens are more than 325 years old, making them the oldest public gardens in the country. Springtime is the best time to view this natural masterpiece. In addition to the endless gardens, tours of the Drayton family plantation are also offered to visitors. Nature train and boat tours are also available amid the massive location, and a petting zoo is offered for young kids. Having been named one of the most beautiful home and garden tours in America, Magnolia is an absolute must see!

Citadel Mall West Ashley South CarolinaCitadel Mall

For all shopping enthusiasts, Citadel Mall is the place to go. Known as the largest indoor shopping mall in the region, this mall attracts visitors from all over with its wide variety of shops and department stores. Citadel Mall also houses a food court and a play area for young kids. There is something here for the whole family!

Charles Towne Landing West Ashley South CarolinaCharles Towne Landing 

This historic site is home to the very first permanent European settlement in the Carolina region. The site is well preserved and offers guests the option to experience what life would have been like as one of the 148 original colonists. The site is also a professional archaeological site and is home to a crop garden, a repilca of a 17th-century cargo vessel, and a natural habitat zoo known as "Animal Forest." 

Middleton Place West Ashley South CarolinaMIDDLETON PLACE

Known as a National Historic Landmark and recognized as home to "America's Oldest Landscaped Gardens," Middleton Place captivates its visitors with a beauty and elegance that can be viewed year-round. Middleton's 65 acres house endless gardens, the House Museum which was once home to many generations of the Middleton Family, and the Plantation Stableyards. The gardens themselves are a "superb exercise in logic and geometry," mimicking the style of 17th century European design and have been open to the public since 1952. What truly makes Middleton Place one of a kind are the animals who roam freely about the property and the historical reenactments of life in the 1700 and 1800s. The beauty encompassed here is something that shouldn't be missed.


West Ashley

West Ashley acquired its name from its location just west of the Ashley River, and it is the oldest suburb in Charleston. The town is characterized by scenic waterfront views and various marshes, and favorite past times of its residents include boating on the Ashley River. Thus, waterfront homes are in high demand. Historic plantation houses can also be found among the moderately priced homes, and the Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site marks the spot where English colonists founded the very first European settlement in the Carolina area. West Ashley takes pride in being the home of famous country singer and lead singer of the band Hootie and the Blowfish, Darius Rucker, and it also houses the largest indoor shopping mall of the region, Citadel Mall.

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