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Patriots Point Mount Pleasant South CarolinaPatriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum

This is a must see for history buffs and visitors of Charleston a like! Located on Charleston Harbor, this museum honors our nation's heroes in a big way, with the USS YORKTOWN being the focal point of the museum as a whole. The museum is open to visitors from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. each day.


This aircraft carrier serves as the center piece of Patriots Point and represents the US involvement in several different wars. The USS YORKTOWN was the tenth aircraft carrier to serve in the United States Navy and was decomissioned in 1970 in order to be incoporated into the museum. This aircraft played a big role in the Pacific Offensive that began in 1943 and earned 11 battle stars for its role in WWII. Five battle stars were also awarded to the USS YORKTOWN for serving as an anti-submarine aircraft carrier in the Vietnam War. The YORKTOWN showcases the bravery and valor of the men who served on its deck, and its unique history can be found seeping out of every corridor and passageway. 

Medal of Honor Museum 

This museum is located on board the USS YORKTOWN and is home to the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. The museum itself showcases the men and women who exhibited extreme courage and sacrifice during their time serving our country, and an exhibit honoring the Medal of Honor recipients from our most recent war, the War on Terror, is a new addition. The Congressional Medal of Honor Society consists of Americans who possess the distinct honor of wearing the Medal of Honor, our nation's most prestigious military award, and the museum as a whole paints a picture of the bravery that runs through the blood of those who serve our country.

Vietnam Support Base

This exhibit showcases the operational and living areas of a United States Naval Advanced Tactical Support Base (ATSB) during the Vietnam War. Visitors have the opportunity to view and experience actual machinery used to maneuver in combat through the vast jungles of South Vietnam, including a River Patrol Boat (PBR) and various helicopters. The exhibit is true-to-scale, giving it an exceptionally authentic feel.

Cold War Submarine Memorial

This full-sized replica of a Benjamin Franklin Class Fleet Ballistic Missile submarine is located in a plaza, surrounded by various educational stations to enhance the experience of each and every visitor. The replica also includes an actual rudder and sail from the USS LEWIS AND CLARK SSBN 644, making the experience even that much more authentic. The memorial honors those who served in our nation's naval submarines during the duration of the Cold War.

Overnight Camping!

This program encourages young kids to hop aboard the USS YORKTOWN for an overnight stay full of educational tours, meals and a historical sleepover in the actual berthing areas. The program has been offering kids a true sailor's experience for over 25 years.

Boone Hall Plantation

Boone Hall Plantation Mount Pleasant South CarolinaKnown as "America's Most Photographed Plantation," this beautiful plantation is truly a feast for the eyes. Framed by a driveway that is blanketed by luscious oak trees, this plantation is one of the most popular tourists destinations in all of Charleston, and for good reason. Visitors have the opportunity to experience what plantation life is truly like due to the fact that Boone Hall is still in operation. For over 320 years, this plantation has been growing and producing crops including everything from cotton and pecans to tomatoes, strawberries and pumpkins, and it is still doing so to this day. Boone Hall is acknowledged as one of America's oldest working plantations, and the tour guides and staff are willing and able to pass on the history of those who lived and worked at Boone Hall to each and every visitor. The plantation's social calendar is also sprinkled with various special events and festivals that allow for guests to interact with and immerse themselves into plantation life.

Mount Pleasant Memorial Waterfront ParkMount Pleasant Pier South Carolina

This scenic destination is located below the Arthur Ravenel Bridge and is tucked along the bank of the Cooper River. The park consists of Mount Pleasant Pier, a 1250-foot long pier that extends into Charleston Harbor. The pier hosts events including "Movies at the Pier" and several fishing tournaments.


Mount Pleasant

Mount Pleasant is located directly across the new Cooper River Bridge. At the heart of Mount Pleasant is the “old village” which is designated a National Register Historical District with gracious homes from the colonial and antebellum periods. Mount Pleasant is home to one of the world’s largest naval and maritime museum complexes, Patriot’s Point, which is dominated by the World War II famous aircraft carrier, the Yorktown. Visitors may also board tour boats to visit the National Monument, Fort Sumter, where the Civil War began. Mount Pleasant hosts several popular annual festivals. So, expect many exciting days when visiting Mount Pleasant.

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