Regardless of whether you’re a visitor to the Holy City or if you walk our streets day in and day out, chances are that you will at some point want to step into a bar and grab a drink (unless you’re under twenty-one or simply don’t drink alcohol, in which case, head over to find out where to get awesome chicken wings!).

Well, if you’re looking for a place to enjoy a few libations but would like your alcoholic beverage to be a little more on the unique side, you’re in luck. Read on for our top five places to grab a “different” drink here in Charleston.

1. The Belmont (511 King Street)

The Belmont, located on Upper King, isn’t too big or too bright—it’s a small, cozy bar where the lights are low and the drinks are out of this world. Don’t expect to find your everyday cocktails; instead, get ready for classic drinks that have a fun and deliciously modern twist. Want a little spice in your cocktail after a heavy, rich dinner? Try the bar’s Brown Derby, spiked with jalapeño honey.

2. Closed for Business (453 King Street)

If you’re more a of a brewsky guy or gal, then stay on King Street but head  up to Closed for Business. The bar-slash-restaurant has over forty-two beers on tap, including one-of-a-kind, rare finds. And if you want to add a little food into your stomach before downing a couple of cold ones, Closed for Business’s menu is awesome. This author’s favorite beer/food combo? The Duck Pot Pie washed down with a Westbrook White Thai.

3. The Cocktail Club (479 King Street)

With the word “cocktail” in the name, you know this place has a killer variety of drinks. This lounge utilizes rare spirits and house-made infusions to create exclusive cocktails that you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere. Since September’s here and the warm weather’s on its way out, we recommend savoring the summer with Tropical Heat, a cocktail featuring coconut milk, almond, banana, pineapple, and rum.

4. Husk Restaurant (76 Queen Street)

It’s time to leave King Street and head over to the bar at Husk, one of Charleston’s premier restaurants. The drink menu is an ode to Southern living (and drinking), featuring old and new libations created by Husk’s rockin’ mixologists. Try something modern and a little different in The Prickly Pear (featuring peppermint bitters pear juice, and sage-macerated gin) or Triple Lindy (made with rose-infused tequila, tonic syrup, and a touch of cayenne, sugar, and salt)—or order off the wine and beer lists.  

5. The Gin Joint (182 East Bay Street)

If you’re not all about gin, you might just want to skip this one (although they do also offer beer and wine). But if you have a soft spot for the crisp liquor, then read on, as The Gin Joint is more than likely the place you want to be. This bar offers a wide variety of gin-based cocktails, ranging from their ever-changing punch of the week to a standard gin and tonic (with homemade tonic). And if you’re feeling a little adventurous, there are plenty of options for you to choose from, such as the Poquito Picante (with habanero, Broker’s gin, Cointreau, and cucumber) and the Florida Cocktail (featuring Hendrick’s gin, raspberry, ginger, and lime).

So, the only question remaining is: How many places on this list are you planning on hitting up for a few unique drinks?

For more information about the author, Katrina Robinson, please visit my Google+ page.