Attraction Detail
Attraction Detail

The Old Slave Mart Museum

The Old Slave Mart Museum
6 Chalmers Street
Charleston, SC 29401

The Old Slave Mart Museum Information

First constructed in 1859, this historic location is possibly the last standing building in South Carolina previously used for auctioning slaves. After a city ordinance was passed in 1856 banning public slave sales, the Old Slave Mart was opened in order to continue the practice. Slave auctions at this location ended in November of 1863, and after serving various purposes in the years following, the Old Slave Mart was finally turned into a museum in 1938. The museum allows visitors to travel back to a time and place where slavery was still existent, and the informative displays and knowledgeable staff retell a detailed account of the role Charleston played in our nation's slave trade history.

Hours of operation

Monday - Saturday: 9am-5pm Closed: Sunday

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