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Meeting And Banquet Facilities

Planning an event with a large group of people can be stressful. If you are hosting an event with a large group, look no further than Charleston, South Carolina. There are many facilities to host your event and make sure it goes off without a hitch. These meeting and banquet facilities make sure each event is planned and implemented the way you pictured it. They will assist in many ways to take the stress off of you so you can relax and enjoy the event. The big and small details are all important factors and our directory of banquet facilities know and understand this. From everything from a business meeting or dinner to a family wedding, these facilities will make sure your event is something that you and your guests will be talking about for a long time, and remember even longer.


Featured Banquet & Meeting Facilities

  • Kiawah Island Golf Resort8006542924

    P.R.O. Meetings. Drive your business goals higher with value meeting packages from $99. The Southeast’s premier golf destination hosts top-flight meetings and rewards you with a chance to win valuable prices and incentives. Productivity, Rewards, Opportunity. Kiawah knows the P.R.O.s.